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Buy Trijicon Night Sights at Eagle Camping

As part of the local law enforcement or military, you may face a number of challenges when it comes to confrontation with suspects or the enemy. Eagle Camping sells a wide range of night sights from Trijicon, a leading name in the industry, to assist you and provide better visibility when shooting and locating targets in darker terrains. Our extensive range of accessories also includes night vision scopes and red dot sights as well.

We sell several popular models of Trijicon night sights, including products for leading names like 1911, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Colt, H&K, Sig Sauer, Ruger, Springfield Armory, etc. We offer everything you need and more when it comes to find the best Trijicon night sights for your standard issue police gun or a personal licensed weapon.

Why Should You Purchase Trijicon Night Sights?

Trijicon night sights have been proven to enhance accuracy and speed when reacting to targets. Regardless of your proficiency and experience in pistol shooting, you can improve your timing and accuracy up to 30%. This holds true for every user as Trijicon’s unique design and distinct features allow you to take focus quicker and obtain visibility through illuminated night sights. Night sights from Trijicon significantly increase your chances of achieving center mass hits on targets.

Each design and functionality aspect of Trijicon night sights is made to deliver top performance. Using bright photoluminescent paint, night sights from Trijicon are designed for quick use even in darkened scenarios.

Benefits of Trijicon Night Sights

If you have a personal licensed weapon used for self-defense or are looking to enhance your law enforcement arsenal, we have just the right Trijicon night sights for you. Our range of Trijicon night sights are ideal for military personnel, law enforcement officers, competitive shooters and hobbyists, as well as for personal protection.

So why should you invest in Trijicon night sights? Here are some of the features of Trijicon night sights that make these sights the ideal choice in any low light shooting scenario.

  • Tritium phosphor lamp
  • Solid and robust metal body
  • Shielding aluminum cylinders
  • Sapphire windows
  • Silicone rubber cushioning
  • High visibility front sight post
  • Protective clear coat
  • Subdued rear night sight
  • Easy to read U notch sight

The design of Trijicon night sights is streamlined for optimum use as the front surface includes a steep hook to assist emergency situations for one-eyed sliding. Trijicon night sights are equipped with bright photoluminescent paint outlines to enhance sight acquisition and improve visibility. Additionally, the use of quality photoluminescent paint ensures that you are able to experience enhanced visibility in dark areas for several minutes, allowing you to handle the situation with greater ease. Therefore, these Trijicon night sights can give you the upper hand in any low light combat or self defense situation.

Shop Our Selection of Trijicon Night Sights

To find out more about our selection of Trijicon night sights available, browse our complete selection of products above. Available in sets of front and rear sights, we offer over 80 products to suit different guns and weaponry. With this wide variety of sights available at affordable discount prices, you are sure to find the sights perfect for your needs.