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Discount Water Bottles & Filtered Water Bottles

A water bottle can be an important part of equipment for any outdoor trip as well as for everyday use. At Eagle Camping, we sell a variety of water bottles including filtered water bottles, stainless steel water bottles, and durable plastic water bottles for carrying water and other drinks during camping, exercising, traveling, and other outdoor or everyday activities. As with all of our discount camping equipment, we sell water bottles from leading manufacturers at affordable discount prices. Please browse our selection of water bottles, water transport canisters, and filtered water bottles below to find the products for which you have been looking.

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Our Discount Water Bottles

At Eagle Camping, we sell a complete selection of water bottles at discount prices. These water bottles are ideal for carrying water and other drinks when hiking or biking and during other outdoor or everyday activities. Our selection of water bottles includes a variety of durable products from trusted outdoor manufacturers such as Chinook, Grand Trunk, Katadyn, Primus, and Stanley. Our discount water bottles include:

  • Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Bottles
  • Filtered Water Bottles
  • Durable Plastic Water Bottles
  • Carbonated Beverage Bottles

In addition to a complete selection of stainless steel and plastic water bottles, we also sell a number of other water transport bottles such as durable canteens and large collapsible water carriers. Canteens are a basic and trusted way for outdoor enthusiasts and military personnel to carry water and other beverages. Our large 5 gallon collapsible water carrier can be used to transport and store clean water during camping, boating, hunting or other outdoor activities.

Benefits of Filtered Water Bottles

While a basic water bottle is an essential piece of equipment for any outdoor activity, filtered water bottles offer a distinct advantage over traditional water bottles for a variety of special situations. For example, filtered water bottles will:

  • Remove Harmful Microorganisms
  • Filter Impurities
  • Improve Water Taste
  • Ensure Water Safety & Provide Peace Of Mind

Filtered water bottles are ideal for any outdoor application including for backwoods hiking, camping, biking, hunting, and water sports. They also have everyday applications such as to improve taste of local water, to ensure water quality when traveling or visiting a new area, to ensure water safety for children and babies, and for any other time when water quality or taste may be in question.

Katadyn Filtered Water Bottles

At Eagle Camping, we carry a variety of Katadyn water purification systems including Katadyn water filter bottles and water purifier bottles. These filtered water bottles can remove a variety of harmful microorganisms from water, resulting in clean, safe drinking water.

  • Katadyn MyBottle Purifier: This is the only EPA registered water purifier bottle. This filtered water bottle features a lightweight and simple design that is ideal for worldwide traveling, backpacking, and camping. This Katadyn filtered water bottle offers the highest safety level by removing all microorganisms including Giardia, bacteria, and viruses. The MyBottle also includes a straw attachment allowing the bottle to be used as a basic water bottle when filtration is not necessary, making it the perfect water bottle for any situation.
  • Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter: This is a high quality filtered water bottle that is available at an affordable price. The water bottle uses a high quality Katadyn water microfilter that meets EPA standards for the removal of Giardia and bacteria and utilizes a carbon filter to improve water taste. This versatile bottle can act as a standard water bottle with a straw attachment for drinking treated water or it can be upgraded with a water purifier cartridge if necessary.