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Lanterns: Propane, Kerosene, & Battery-Powered Lanterns for Camping

At Eagle Camping, we are a one stop camping supply store selling a complete selection of discount camping gear including outdoor lighting equipment such as flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns. We sell a variety of types of camping lanterns including battery-powered lanterns, liquid fuel or kerosene lanterns, gas fuel or propane lanterns, and more. Each of these lanterns offers different advantages for indoor and outdoor situations. Feel free to browse our discount lanterns below or shop our Kerosene lanterns, Streamlight flashlights, LED flashlights, and rechargeable flashlights to find the camping and outdoor equipment that you need.

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Choosing a Lantern for Camping

A lantern is the ideal solution for outdoor lighting during camping trips and other outdoor excursions. However, because there are several different types of camping lanterns available, including liquid fuel or kerosene lanterns, gas fuel or propane lanterns, and battery-powered lanterns, it can be difficult to determine which lantern is best for you. Choosing the best camping lantern should include looking at light output, usability, budget, weather conditions, and a number of other important features and situational factors. By considering your expected camping situations and needs, you can select the best camping lantern for you.

The following lantern buying guide can help you determine which type of lantern is best for you. You can then choose from a variety of types of camping lanterns online from Eagle Camping including battery-powered, propane, and kerosene lanterns.

Fuel Type: Electric, Gas, or Liquid Fuel Lanterns

The first and possibly the most important factor to consider when determining the best lantern is the fuel type or power source. The main types of fuel or power sources available for camping lanterns include:

  • Electric Lanterns: Battery-powered lanterns include LED, florescent, and incandescent lanterns. These lanterns are easy to use, make a good choice for lighting inside tents or cabins, and are safe for use around children. The main downside to battery-powered lanterns is that they can have a shorter battery life, and therefore, are typically not preferred for long term lighting.
  • Fuel Burning Lanterns: Fuel burning lanterns include liquid fuel or kerosene, propane, and butane lanterns. These typically offer a stronger light intensity than most electric models and can have longer burn times. The downside to these lanterns is that they can be more complex to light and use, they can generate heat and be dangerous around children, and they are not safe for inside use as they require ample ventilation for the fumes produced.

Other Factors Effecting Lantern Choice

In addition to fuel type or source, there are a number of situational and performance factors that can influence your decision when buying camping lanterns. These include:

  • Light Intensity: Lanterns will have different light outputs based on fuel type, lantern design, and bulb type. You will need to consider how much light you will require and should remember that higher light output typically results in lower energy-efficiency and shorter burn time or battery life. Some lanterns, such as kerosene lanterns can be adjusted to control light output.
  • Light Duration: The burn time or battery life for a lantern is how long you can expect a lantern to provide light on one tank of fuel or one set of batteries. This can vary based on fuel type and lantern design.
  • Size and Weight: For casual car camping trips, RV camping, and other recreational camping, size and weight are typically not concerns when selecting a lantern. However, for backpacking, rafting, or hiking these factors will be more important. In these cases, you will likely prefer a lightweight and compact LED lantern or even a simple headlamp instead of a bulkier propane or kerosene lantern.