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Sleeping Pads: Discount Foam Camping Mats, Pads, & Mattresses

Sleeping pads are designed to offer both cushioning and insulation for campers, hikers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who find themselves sleeping outdoors on cold, hard surfaces. At Eagle Camping, we sell a variety of types and styles of sleeping pads from leading manufacturers including air pads, self-inflating pads, and foam sleeping pads. We carry a wide selection of air mattresses as well. With our discounts on sleeping pads and mats, you are sure to find the gear that meets your needs and your budget for your next camping trip. Shop our discount sleeping pads now . Learn more about buying sleeping pads with our Sleeping Pad Buying Guide.

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Sleeping Pad Buying Guide

The main purpose of a sleeping pad is to provide cushioning and insulation when sleeping outdoors. Sleeping pads insulate you in the same manner as sleeping bags by holding a layer of non-circulating air between our body and the cold ground. The insulative performance of a pad will depend on how much air it holds inside and how free this air is to circulate. The main types of sleeping pads that are available include air pads, self-inflating pads, foam pads, and air mattresses. Each of these types of sleeping pads offers different levels of cushioning and insulation to meet requirements of different camping scenarios.

When buying a sleeping pad for your next camping, hiking, or backpacking trip, you will want to consider a few important things in order to buy the sleeping pad that is best suited for your needs. The following buying guide can help you to determine which sleeping pad or mattress will be the best option for you.

  • Prioritize your needs: The first step when buying a sleeping pad should be to consider and prioritize your needs. Requirements will differ for each individual based on personal preference but will typically include comfort, durability, price, weight, and additional special features.
  • Consider the terrain: If you are going to be sleeping mostly on soft soil or pine needles, you can choose a thinner pad and base your sleeping pad selection on insulating abilities, price, or additional features. However, hard and rocky campsites or winter camping trips will require the use of thicker pads for more comfort and cushion.
  • Think about weight: If you are going to be carrying all of your camping gear with you when hiking, biking, camping, or floating, you will likely want to purchase a sleeping pad that has a minimal length and weight to fit your needs. Additionally, some sleeping pads are designed to roll up into very small, compact bundles in order to conserve space.
  • Select a sleeping pad appropriate for the weather conditions: If camping in extreme temperatures, a pad with high rate of insulation is the best choice. For extremely cold weather, consider layering two pads for extra insulation using a self-inflating or air pad over a closed-air-cell foam sleeping pad. For camping during mild weather conditions, insulating features are not a priority, permitting the selection of pad to be based on comfort and cushion.
  • Consider additional features: Other sleeping pad features that you may want to consider include extra wide sleeping pads for those who roll around in their sleep, short or long length sleeping pads to fit your body size, multiple air chambers for custom adjustment, built-in pillows for added comfort, textured pad surfaces for better insulation, less slip, and added comfort, as well as tapered pad shapes to reduce weight and bulk.

Please browse our complete selection of discount sleeping pads here to find the best sleeping pad for your needs. You can also shop our discount air mattresses, sleeping bags, and camping hammocks to find all of the camping sleeping gear to suit your needs.