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Camping Stoves: Buying the Best Camping Stove or Grill

Preparing delicious meals in the wilderness is easy with a camping stove. Choosing the right camping stove for your needs, it eliminates problems and hassles. Our camping stove buying guide will help you to determine the best type of camping stove for your needs. Eagle Camping provides a large selection of discount propane, butane, and liquid fuel camping stoves available online, from leading manufacturers including Coghlans, Primus, Optimus, and Stansport. View our discount camping stoves below. Also available are discount backpacking stoves to meet all your outdoor camping cooking needs.

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A Camping Stove Buying Guide

When buying a new camping stove, certain major factors should be considered in order to select the best stove for your needs. These factors include: how many people you will be feeding, the quantity of meals to prepare, as well as the complexity of the meals you plan to cook. Some serious outdoorsmen find it necessary to have several camping stoves in order to have the best stove for the particular excursion.

The basic factors to consider when buying a camping stove include:

  • Size and weight: Camping stoves vary in size from compact single-burner styles to larger models, and in weight from as little as a few ounces to several pounds. For recreational car camping trips, stove size and weight is not the primary aspect to consider. However, for wilderness backpacking, climbing, or rafting trips when you will be carrying your gear with you, size and weight are critical factors. A small, lightweight backpacking stove, such as a single-burner propane, butane, or liquid fuel camping is most appropriate.
  • Number of burners: Selecting the quantity of burners in your camping stove is influenced by the types of foods prepared, as well as the number of people for whom you will be cooking. If you plan to prepare simple meals that require only boiling water or can be prepared in one pot, a single-burner stove will be sufficient. If you will want to cook multiple items at the same time in order to prepare a complete meal, a larger camping stove with multiple burners is a better choice.
  • Fuel type: The most common types of camping stoves include canister stoves, which use propane or butane fuel, or liquid fuel stoves, which operate on white gas, kerosene, diesel, jet fuel, and gasoline. When determining the best fuel type for your camping stove, consider fuel availability, outside temperature and weather conditions, maximum heat output, and upkeep and cleaning. Learn more about camping stove fuel sources on our backpacking stove page.

Buy Discount Camping Stoves

Upon determining which type of camping stove is best for your needs, find the right stove in our selection of discount camping stoves. We carry a large selection of camping stoves and backpacking stoves from leading manufacturers including:

  • Coghlans Stoves
  • Jaccard Stoves
  • North American Gear Stoves
  • Optimus Stoves
  • Primus Stoves
  • Stansport Stoves

As a one stop camping shop for discount camping equipment, we sell a variety of additional camping stove repair parts and fuel containers at affordable prices to meet all of your outdoor cooking needs.