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Kerosene Lanterns: Affordable Camping Lanterns

Kerosene lanterns are easy-to-use and affordable lanterns that offer bright light output and significant burn times. These lanterns are extremely affordable and economical to use for camping and outdoor lighting around the house. At Eagle Camping, we sell a complete selection of kerosene lanterns as well as other battery-operated and gas fuel lanterns from leading manufacturers at discount prices. To find the lantern that is best for your needs and your budget, shop our kerosene lanterns below or view our complete selection of camping lanterns.

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Benefits of Kerosene Lanterns

Kerosene lanterns are clean burning lanterns that burn a distilled type of petroleum oil. These lanterns produce a bright, steady light. They are portable, safe, weatherproof and inexpensive. Kerosene lanterns can be used to light buildings in emergency situations and camp sites on camping trips.

Kerosene lanterns offer a number of benefits over other types of lanterns including electric or battery-powered lanterns and gas-powered or propane lanterns. Advantages of kerosene lanterns for camping and emergency situations include:

  • Adjustable Light: Kerosene lanterns are easily adjustable by turning a simple knob, so that you can easily adjust the flame from bigger to smaller based on the amount of light needed. This can help preserve fuel and allow a longer burn time on a single container of kerosene.
  • Bright Light Output: Kerosene lanterns work by burning pressurized fuel that is stored in a chamber and fed to a mantel where it burns. Therefore, kerosene lanterns are reliable and produce a bright, steady light until the wick is broken or the fuel supply or air supply is exhausted.
  • Affordable: Kerosene lanterns tend to be a more affordable option to buy than other types of lanterns including battery-powered lanterns and gas fuel operated lanterns. Additionally, because kerosene is an inexpensive fuel, kerosene is an easy to buy and economical lighting option.
  • Versatile Lighting Option: Kerosene lanterns can be used at home on a deck or patio or on camping trips to provide fairly safe and bright light. These lanterns have traditionally been used during power outages to provide lighting, but care must be taken to ensure proper ventilation.

The downside to kerosene lanterns is that these lanterns require complicated cleaning and filling in order to work properly. Additionally, this fuel releases a strong odor and potentially harmful fumes when burned, so it should only be used in well ventilated areas. Finally, children should be supervised around kerosene lanterns as they do burn hot and can spread fire if tipped over or broken.

Buy Kerosene Lanterns

If you are interested in buying a kerosene lantern for your next camping trip or for any other outdoor application, you can shop our selection of discount kerosene lanterns and lantern accessories. If you prefer other lantern or lighting types, we sell a complete selection of lanterns and lighting options including Streamlight flashlights, LED flashlights, and rechargeable flashlights.