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Big Camping Tents: Large Family Camping Tents & Dome Tents

Big camping tents and family dome tents are larger tents that are designed to sleep 5 or more people. These tents are ideal for family camping trips, recreational camping, car camping, setting up base camps, and other occasions where weight is not important but an ability to accommodate multiple people is necessary. At Eagle Camping, we sell a variety of types of big camping tents and family dome tents including 5-person camping tents, 6-person camping tents, and 7+ person camping tents. These big camping tents often offer multiple rooms, vestibules, or vertical walls and high ceilings to accommodate the entire family and provide the comforts of home. Shop our big camping tents below or learn more about buying a big camping tent.

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Buying a Big Family Camping Tent

Big camping tents including family dome tents and cabin tents are the ideal choice for a variety of outdoor camping situations. From scout camping trips and family camping trips to setting up base camps for hiking or biking trips, big camping tents offer the comforts of home with large spaces, multiple rooms, and high ceilings.

In order to select the best tent when buying a big camping tent or family camping tent, you should consider the following:

  • Tent Size & Sleeping Capacity: The most important factor to consider when selecting a big camping tent is the sleeping capacity of the tent and the number of people that will be sleeping in your tent. Often many individuals who are looking for a large family dome tent or camping tent to accommodate a large number of people will want to select a tent that is designed to sleep one or two extra people in order to accommodate additional gear and allow for more comfortable sleeping.
  • Expected Weather Conditions: For most recreational campers, a three-season camping tent is ideal as this is designed to keep you comfortable in moderate spring, summer, and fall conditions. However, if you will be camping in harsher weather, an extended season tent can be ideal for windy or chilly nights. For winter camping, you will want to look for a four-season or mountaineering tent that offers protection in more extreme conditions.
  • Additional Features & Options: There are several additional features and options that can influence your decision when buying a big camping tent or large family tent. This can include multiple rooms for added privacy, multiple entrances and windows for easy tent access with a large group of people and improved ventilation, or vestibules and screen rooms for storing extra gear and for providing cover from rain or sun.

Popular Family Camping & Big Camping Tents

At Eagle Camping, we sell a variety of types of big camping tents and family camping tents at affordable prices from leading manufacturers. These tents are the ideal choice for a variety of outdoor camping situations and recreational camping trips in order to bring the comforts of home to the outdoors. Our available big camping tents include family camping tents, dome tents, and cabin tents from leading tent manufacturers. This includes popular tents such as:

  • Alps Mountaineering Camping Tents
  • Browning Camping Tents
  • Chinook Camping Tents
  • Eureka Camping Tents
  • Mountain Tails Camping Tents
  • PahaQue Camping Tents
  • SwissGear Camping Tents
  • Wenzel Camping Tents