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Choose the Best Tactical Flashlight

No matter what kind of tactical flashlight you are looking for, Eagle Camping is sure to stock it. We carry a wide selection of flashlights and illumination tools from many different manufacturers. Our tactical flashlights offer the best in light output and durability to stand up to your demands. We sell a variety of flashlights that are rugged, compact, reliable, efficient, and powerful. They are manufactured with superior materials and incorporate proven technology.

Shop our complete selection of discount tactical flashlights today to find the best flashlight for your needs.

In What Situations Do You Need a Tactical Flashlight?

A tactical flashlight is a flashlight intended to stand up to the demands of military or police use. Some tactical flashlights are designed to be mated to a weapon for shooting in low light environments. These are smaller in size as compared to traditional flashlights. A tactical flashlight also emits more light than a standard flashlight.

Although primarily designed for military use, a tactical flashlight is also a useful purchase for the ordinary civilian. It is extremely handy in navigating pitch-black environments like mountain caves, deep forests, and places where daylight does not reach.

How to Select the Best Tactical Flashlight

Several types of tactical flashlights are available in the market. When choosing the best, you should choose depending on your personal preference as well as budget. Before buying a tactical flashlight, you will want to consider the following factors:

  • In most cases, the tactical flashlight should be small enough to carry in your pocket. The ideal size of your tactical flashlight should be no larger than your palm size.
  • If you will use your tactical flashlight in defense situations, it should emit at least 120 lumens. This is the minimum brightness to disorient any attacker.
  • Being a survival tool, the flashlight should offer simple operation. A tactical flashlight with just an 'on' or 'off' switch is handy and easy to use.
  • It should be waterproof. The flashlight must also be able to weather heavy rain and other extreme environments should you expect to encounter such circumstances.
  • The tactical flashlight should be ruggedly built, as it is likely to see a bit of action. That is why it makes more sense to purchase a model that can withstand bumps and grinds. Anodized aluminum tactical flashlights are durable choices.
  • Consider LED flashlights as they consume less battery power.

How to Use a Tactical Flashlight in Defense Situations

One of the many uses for a tactical flashlight can be in defense situations. Whether you are a civilian or a police or military official, a tactical flashlight can be an important tool.

To use a tactical flashlight to defend yourself against an attacker, you should direct the light to his face and concentrate on his eyes. The attacker will be momentarily blinded and disorientated. This will give you sufficient time to flee from the scene. If necessary to fight your attacker, you can give the attacker's face a hard hit with the flashlight's toothed bezel. This will stun the attacker and give you the upper hand, allowing you to take defensive action.

Place Your Order for a Tactical Flashlight Today

Eagle Camping offers tactical flashlights across a wide variety of brands, including TacStar Industries, Streamlight, Gerber Blades, Umarex USA, and Pelican. We offer all of these flashlights at affordable discount prices. Shop our selection of products today to determine which product best meets your needs.

Besides tactical flashlights, Eagle Camping also maintains a comprehensive collection of lanterns, Streamlight flashlights, LED flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, red dot sights, rifle scopes and magazine speed loaders.