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- Brightest Headlamp
- Camping Hammocks
- Camping Stoves
- Canopy Tents
- Daypacks
- Dome Tents
- Gun Safes
- Gunvault
- Handgun Magazines
- Holographic Sight
- Katadyn Water Purification
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- Lanterns
- LED Flashlight
- Leupold Mark 4
- Magazine Speed Loaders
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- Pistol Gun Cases
- Rechargeable Flashlights
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- Trijicon Night Sights
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Eagle Camping: Discount Camping Equipment & Camping Gear

Eagle Camping is an online discount camping equipment store selling a complete selection of discount camping gear and equipment for a variety of outdoor activities. Our discount camping equipment includes tents, stoves, flashlights, lanterns, backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, hammocks, and water filters at affordable prices.

Sleeping Gear

Air Mattresses - Discount Camping EquipmentSleeping Bags - Discount Camping EquipmentCamping Hammocks - Discount Camping Equipment

Air Mattresses

Sleeping Bags

Camping Hammocks

Sleeping Pads - Discount Camping Equipment

Sleeping Pads

Tents & Shelters

Canopy Tents - Discount Camping EquipmentDome Tents - Discount Camping EquipmentBackpacking Tents - Discount Camping Equipment

Canopy Tents

Dome Tents

Backpacking Tents

Big Camping Tents - Discount Camping Equipment

Big Camping Tents


Backpacking Backpacks - Discount Camping EquipmentDaypacks - Discount Camping Equipment

Backpacking Backpacks


Water Filtration & Treatment

Katadyn Water Purification - Discount Camping EquipmentWater Bottles - Discount Camping Equipment

Katadyn Water Purification

Water Bottles

Lanterns & Lighting

Lanterns - Discount Camping EquipmentKerosene Lanterns - Discount Camping EquipmentStreamlight Flashlights - Discount Camping Equipment


Kerosene Lanterns

Streamlight Flashlights

LED Flashlights - Discount Camping EquipmentRechargeable Flashlights - Discount Camping EquipmentBrightest Headlamp - Discount Camping Equipment

LED Flashlight

Rechargeable Flashlights

Brightest Headlamp

Tactical Flashlight - Discount Camping Equipment

Tactical Flashlight

Outdoor Cooking & Stoves

Camping Stoves - Discount Camping EquipmentBackpacking Stoves - Discount Camping EquipmentBradley Smoker - Discount Camping Equipment

Camping Stoves

Backpacking Stoves

Bradley Smoker

Firearm Accessories

Pistol Gun Cases - Discount Camping EquipmentPelican Pistol Case - Discount Camping EquipmentMagazine Speed Loaders - Discount Camping Equipment

Pistol Gun Cases

Pelican Pistol Case

Magazine Speed Loaders

Handgun Magazines - Discount Camping Equipment

Handgun Magazines


Trijicon Night Sights - Discount Camping EquipmentRed Dot Sights - Discount Camping EquipmentNight Vision Scopes - Discount Camping Equipment

Trijicon Night Sights

Red Dot Sights

Night Vision Scopes

Holographic Sight - Discount Camping EquipmentLeupold Mark 4 - Discount Camping EquipmentRife Scopes - Discount Camping Equipment

Holographic Sight

Leupold Mark 4

Rife Scopes

Gun Vaults & Safes

Gun Safes - Discount Camping EquipmentBiometric Gun Safe - Discount Camping EquipmentGunvault - Discount Camping Equipment

Gun Safes

Biometric Gun Safe


Our Discount Camping Equipment & Outdoor Gear

When shopping at Eagle Camping, you will find that all of our discount camping equipment comes from trusted outdoor and camping equipment manufacturers. This gear offers the quality and performance that you demand in order to keep up with your active lifestyle. Whether you are new to camping and other outdoor activities, you are an expert with experience in many outdoor sports, or you are an outdoor enthusiast on a tight budget, we have the discount camping equipment and gear that you need. We sell affordably priced equipment as well as top of the line gear perfect for any occasion. Please shop our discount camping equipment to find the gear and accessories that you have been searching for.

Lanterns & Lighting

Lanterns, flashlights, and other outdoor lighting accessories are all important parts of any outdoor enthusiasts? camping equipment. The right flashlight or lantern can provide lighting at night and in the dark including outdoors or in a cabin or tent. With our selection of discount camping equipment, we carry a complete variety of lanterns and lighting accessories including LED flashlights, headlamps, battery powered lanterns, propane lanterns, and kerosene lanterns.

Shop our discount Lanterns, Kerosene Lanterns, Streamlight Flashlights, LED Flashlights, and Rechargeable Flashlights.


Backpacks and daypacks allow you to carry camping gear and equipment during hiking, camping, backpacking, biking, and other outdoor activities. At Eagle Camping, our discount camping equipment includes a variety of types and sizes of backpacks and daypacks designed for any outdoor excursion. This includes internal frame and external frame backpacking backpacks as well as a variety of daypacks for everyday and outdoor applications.

Shop our discount Backpacking Backpacks and Daypacks.


Our discount camping equipment also includes a variety of types of portable, outdoor stoves for easy outdoor cooking. This includes large multi-burner camping stoves as well as compact and lightweight stoves for backpacking or hiking. Our discount camping stoves include propane, butane, and liquid fuel style stoves.

Shop our discount Camping Stoves and Backpacking Stoves.

Sleeping Gear

Sleeping gear including sleeping bags, sleeping pads and mattresses, and hammocks help ensure comfort on any camping trip. It is important to buy the right sleeping gear for your intended purpose and the expected weather conditions in order to help make your trip the most enjoyable. Our selection of discount camping equipment includes a variety of sleeping gear such as mummy sleeping bags, rectangular sleeping bags, air mattresses, foam mattress pads, and portable camping hammocks so you can buy the gear that is best for your needs.

Shop our discount Air Mattresses, Sleeping Pads, Sleeping Bags, and Camping Hammocks.

Tents & Shelters

A tent or shelter is your most basic piece of camping equipment. At Eagle Camping, our discount camping equipment includes a variety of types, styles, and sizes of camping tents including dome tents, large family camping tents, lightweight backpacking tents, and portable outdoor canopies.

Shop our discount Canopy Tents, Dome Tents, Backpacking Tents, and Big Camping Tents.

Water Filtration & Treatment

Water filters and purifiers will ensure that you have safe, clean drinking water during any outdoor activities. Our discount water filters and water bottles can be used for everyday applications as well as for hiking, camping, biking, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.

Shop our discount Katadyn Water Filters and Water Bottles.