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Camping Hammock: Portable Hammocks for Camping & Hiking

A camping hammock is any portable hammock that is simple to hang as well as lightweight and easy to pack up and carry. Camping hammocks offer a number of advantages for camping and backpacking. These hammocks can be used in place of a tent to reduce gear weight, improve comfort, or simply because of personal preference. At Eagle Camping, we sell a complete selection of camping hammocks and portable hammocks from leading manufacturers. We also sell a variety of camping hammock accessories such as rainflys or tarps for making hammock camping more comfortable and convenient.

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Why Choose Camping Hammocks

Sleeping in a hammock during a camping trip, canoeing or rafting trip, or hiking or backpacking excursion is an ideal way to increase comfort and reduce gear weight. At Eagle Camping, we sell a complete selection of portable, camping hammocks at discount prices. These hammocks are made by leading camping manufacturers and offer the performance and durability that your rugged lifestyle demands.

Camping hammocks can offer a number of benefits to any outdoorsman. As many individuals begin to recognize the advantages of using portable hammocks for sleeping, hammock camping is becoming increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Some of the main benefits of choosing to sleep in camping hammocks include:

  • Lightweight: Often camping hammocks weigh far less than even the lightest weight backpacking tents. This can allow you to reduce the overall weight that you are carrying without sacrificing safety, security, or comfort.
  • Improved comfort: When properly set up, a camping hammock can be far more comfortable than sleeping on mattress pads on the cold, hard ground.
  • Protection from rain and moisture: Unlike with tents that can lose their waterproofing during hard rainstorms and other extreme weather conditions, a camping hammock and properly secured tarp can help keep you and your gear extremely dry by elevating you above the wet ground.
  • Defense from the environment: When used with mosquito nets or tarps secured over the top, camping hammocks will offer as much protection as a tent from bugs and the elements. In fact, in cold conditions, hammocks offer even more protection from the weather by lifting you up off the cold, frozen ground.
  • Security from ground critters: Camping hammocks elevate you above small animals, pests, and critters that may invade your campsite including mice, rats, possums, chipmunks, snakes, and many insects.
  • Versatile: Camping hammocks allow you to set up a campsite nearly anywhere, even on rough, rocky, or uneven ground. This allows increased versatility over traditional tent camping and can allow you to locate and set up a campsite in only minutes.
  • Encourages leave no trace camping: Because setting up a camping hammock does not require clearing sticks or rocks from the ground, it is consistent with leave no trace camping, which is becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to being used as a primary shelter for camping, camping hammocks or portable hammocks can also be used to provide additional resting, relaxing, or sitting places when camping, for a short rest during a long hiking or biking trip, in place of a lounge chair at a park or beach, and in a backyard for napping.

Camping Hammock Accessories

At Eagle Camping, we not only sell a complete selection of discount camping hammocks from leading manufacturers, but we also supply a variety of hammock accessories that are ideal for any camping hammock. Hammock accessories can make hammock camping more enjoyable by providing necessary protection from the bugs and other elements. Our discount camping hammock accessories include mosquito nets to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away when sleeping, tree sling hanging kits to easily attach hammocks to trees and posts, and tarps to trap in heat and provide protection from rain, wind, and snow when camping in less than ideal weather conditions.