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Air Mattresses: Discount Air Beds for Camping, Home, & Travel

At Eagle Camping, we are your one stop shop for all camping and outdoor gear. Our large selection of air mattresses includes raised air beds, air mattresses with built-in pumps or pillows, and twin, full, and queen sized air mattresses. With all of the popular features you desire, these air mattresses offer superior quality for any situation from camping, travel, and accommodating extra guests. Browse our selection of discount air mattresses and air beds online. Shop our additional sleeping gear and equipment for camping including sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and camping hammocks.

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When you Need an Air Mattress:

Air mattresses are extremely versatile and useful in a number of situations. From unexpected overnight guests to recreational camping trips, you will use your air mattress on countless occasions. An air mattress can bring the comforts of home to any situation.

For Camping Trips

While air mattresses are too bulky and heavy to carry during hiking, backpacking, or any other camping trip when you will need to carry your gear, they provide additional comfort and are perfect for the recreational or car camper. Air mattresses provide the comforts and feeling of sleeping at home in a real bed, which is often preferred by recreational campers. Yet, air mattresses are suitable for mild weather conditions as they have no insulation. In camping, hiking, and biking trips in extreme temperatures, or in situations where gear is portaged a sleeping pad, which is a thinner, lighter type of sleeping mattress designed for camping is the best option.

During Travel, Trips, and Vacations

Air mattresses are the perfect portable beds that you can pack and carry anywhere. People bring air mattresses to accommodate extra guests when staying in hotel rooms or rental vacation homes and condos. Air mattresses are also an ideal solution for when visiting friends or family to ensure comfortable sleeping.

Around the Home

Air mattresses make excellent portable or temporary beds for use around the house in a variety of situations. For example:

  • An air mattress is useful as the perfect bed for an overnight guest
  • Children enjoy sleeping on air mattresses during slumber parties
  • Air mattresses are an affordable option for staging homes that are for sale
  • Many air mattresses can be used as every day beds

Our Discount Air Mattresses

At Eagle Camping, we supply a complete selection of discount air mattresses from leading manufacturers. Because of size and special features like built-in pumps or pillows, separate air chambers, and raised heights, air mattresses can vary in price from more affordable versions to more expensive top-of-the-line models.

Our broad selection of discount air mattresses includes those that will fit any budget and needs such as:

  • Basic Twin, Full, & Queen Size Air Mattresses
  • Air Mattresses with Built-In Electric Pumps
  • Mid-Rise and Raised Air Mattresses
  • Built-in Pillow Air Mattresses