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Canopy Tents, Shelters, & Screen Houses

At Eagle Camping, we sell a variety of canopy tents, camping shelters, and screen houses from leading manufacturers. These portable canopy tents and shelters are perfect for any camping trip, picnic, or other outdoor activity. Canopy tents can provide shelter from the rain or sun as well as protection from the bugs and other pests. Our complete selection of canopy tents includes screened-in shelters, shade shelters, tarps, and other shelters for camping or hiking trips as well as other outdoor events and excursions.

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Buying Canopy Tents & Camping Shelters

Because there are a number of possible uses for canopy tents and shelters, there are a variety of types of canopy tents and shelters that are available. This includes simple shade shelters or tarps that provide protection from the sun or rain as well as screen houses and shelters that keep out bugs and other pests. When you are choosing the best canopy tent, it is important to consider your intended use or application for the shelter as well as other factors such as size and construction in order to select a canopy tent that best suits your needs.

The main types of canopy tents and shelters that are available include:

  • Screen Room Canopies
  • Portable Canopy Tents and Outdoor Canopies
  • Tarps And Sun, Wind, and Rain Shelters
  • Privacy Tents and Canopies

Canopy Tents & Intended Application

An important factor to consider when buying a canopy tent or any other portable shelter is the intended use or application for your shelter. Canopy tents and portable shelters can be used to provide shelter and protection at the park, on a hiking trip, when camping, at the beach, on a picnic, in the backyard, for tailgating, and during a number of other outdoor activities. Canopy tents and shelters can provide protection from the elements, offer privacy, and much more. Understanding the precise application and particular purpose your canopy tent or shelter will serve can help you to determine which shelter is best for you.

Popular uses for canopy tents include:

  • To provide protection from the elements: Canopy tents can provide shelter from the sun and rain during any outdoor activity including when camping, at a picnic, or during a Bar-B-Q. Some canopy tents can even offer protection from strong winds with one or several attached or removable sides.
  • To keep out insects and pests: Screened-in shelters and canopy tents can offer additional protection from bugs and other pests or insects. This is ideal for storing, eating, or serving food. Canopy tents with screened walls and an attached floor will offer the greatest protection from bugs and other pests.
  • To shelter gear from the rain: Tarps and other canopy tents can be used to store and protect gear on camping trips or at a base camp for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. This can be helpful when space in a tent is tight.
  • To offer privacy: Some small canopy tents and shelters are specifically designed to offer privacy when showering, changing, or using the bathroom on camping trips or at the beach.
  • To provide shelter for sleeping: A tarp can be an ideal lightweight shelter for ultra light backpacking or hiking as it offers protection from light winds and rain as well as morning dew.

Other Canopy Tent Considerations

Additional factors to consider when selecting a canopy tent or portable shelter for your next outdoor excursion may include:

  • Size: The required size of your canopy tent or shelter will depend on the intended purpose as well as the number of people who will be using your shelter. You should also consider the size of any tables or chairs that will be stored in the shelter.
  • Weight: For some activities, including car camping and at home use, weight will not be important. However, if you will need to carry your canopy tent along with other gear, it will be important to look for a lightweight shelter that can pack up to a compact and easy to carry size.
  • Ease of Assembly: Canopy tents can include those that simply pop up to open as well as others that require more work and multiple people to construct. You will want to consider ease of assembly and deconstruction when selecting any canopy tent or shelter.