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Dome Tents: Discount Alps Mountaineering, Chinook, Paha Que, SwissGear, & Wenzel Tents

Dome tents are freestanding camping tents that are constructed using two or more long intersecting poles. These tents are typically lightweight, easy to construct, and spacious. There are dome tents available in a variety of styles and sizes including lightweight backpacking dome tents, large family dome tents, three season dome tents, and four season tents. At Eagle Camping, we sell a variety of popular types and sizes of dome tents at discount prices such as Alps Mountaineering dome tents, Chinook dome tents, Eureka dome tents, Paha Que dome tents, Stansport dome tents, SwissGear dome tents, and Wenzel dome tents.

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Advantages of Buying Dome Tents

Dome tents are a popular style of tent that is made up of two or more intersecting hoops. Typically, the basic dome tent style has a square or rectangular base with poles coming up from each corner and intersecting in the middle at the top of the dome. Additional poles can be added to create more complex dome tent styles and models that are more wind resistant. Dome tents are available from most of the popular tent manufacturers including Alps Mountaineering, Chinook, Paha Que, Stansport, SwissGear, & Wenzel.

Dome tents have become popular tents because they are extremely durable, freestanding tents that offer a great amount of headroom and storage space. Dome tents are available in a variety of sizes and styles including big family camping tents, three season dome tents, four season dome tents, and lightweight backpacking tents.

Advantages of buying a dome tent include:

  • Various Sizes and Styles: Because the dome tent style has become the most popular tent design, there are dome tents that have been designed for nearly any situation. This includes large family dome tents with multiple rooms that are designed for sleeping anywhere from 4 to 8 or more people as well as small and lightweight dome tents for backpacking and hiking. Other dome tents can be designed with additional vestibules or covered porches for protection from the rain and additional gear storage.
  • Easy Setup: Dome tents are probably one of the simplest styles of tents to set up and take down because the aluminum or fiberglass poles are frequently shock-corked together so it is easy to determine which pole goes where. Many dome tents can easily be constructed by only one or two people.
  • Spacious Interior: Due to their unique design, dome tents offer a significant amount of headroom at the center of the tent while also incorporating larger floor space as well. This design can accommodate multiple people easily and creates deep corners that can be used for storing bags and other gear.
  • Free Standing Design: Dome tents are freestanding tents that can easily be moved short distances while constructed, which can be import for a variety of types of situations. Additionally, this freestanding design tends to be more durable even in poor soil or sandy conditions.
  • Wind and Rain Resistance: Dome tents have a unique shape that easily sheds water to prevent pooling and improve water resistance. While traditional dome tents are freestanding and fairly durable in winds, the addition of multiple poles to create hexagonal or octagonal shaped tents results in a durable design that can withstand even extreme weather conditions.
  • Lightweight Design: Dome tents are typically lighter that traditional frame or cabin style tents because they use smaller and lighter poles. Therefore, a simple dome tent with few lightweight aluminum poles can easily be used for backpacking or hiking.

Buying the Best Dome Tent

Because you will have a variety of styles and sizes to choose from when you are buying a new dome tent, there are a couple of main factors that you will need to consider in order to ensure that your tent best fits your needs. By selecting your dome tent based on your particular needs and preferences, you can be sure that the tent you choose is the best tent for you.

Some basic factors to consider when buying a dome tent include:

  • Tent Size
  • Tent Weight
  • Weather Conditions
  • Tent Ventilation & Breathability
  • Special Features & Options