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Katadyn Water Purification Systems & Water Filters

Katadyn water purification systems and water filters are superior water filtration systems that are trusted by professionals, individuals, and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. These water filters can be used to filter harmful microorganisms out of water on hiking, camping, backwoods, and mountaineering trips as well as during travel or in emergency situations. There are a variety of types and sizes of Katadyn water purification systems that are available from Eagle Camping at discount prices including heavy duty hand pump water filters, gravity drip water filters, and water filter bottles. We also sell Katadyn chemical water treatment products for additional water purification.

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Advantages of Katadyn Water Purification Systems & Water Filters

Katadyn water purification systems and water filters are trusted by outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, relief groups, professionals, and preparedness-minded individuals across the world. These water filters can help provide clean and safe drinking water in nearly any situation including when traveling, in emergency situations, and during camping, backpacking, sailing, paddling, fishing, biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Katadyn water purification systems offer high quality and lasting performance, which has made them a trusted brand by many. Katadyn manufactures a variety of types of water filters and microfilters including hand pump water filters, filter water bottles, and drip gravity water filters. These microfilters and filters can remove can remove harmful protozoa and bacteria as well as unwanted dirt or debris from water from any source.

While Katadyn water filters and microfilters are not 100% effective in removing tiny viruses, this is often not a problem, as viruses are not often found in backcountry hiking in the United States. Additionally, many tiny viruses are often filtered out through the use of microfilters as the viruses will attach to the larger organisms and debris. For water purification in heavily populated areas or developing countries, you will want to utilize chemical purification tablets in addition to water filtration.

Popular Katadyn Water Purification Systems & Water Filters

At Eagle Camping, we sell a complete selection of Katadyn water purification systems and water filters. This includes large Katadyn water filters for group use as well as compact filters designed for individual use. Our discount Katadyn water filters and purification systems include all of the most popular styles and models in each of the main product categories including:

  • Endurance Series Katadyn Water Filters
  • Backcountry Series Katadyn Water Filters
  • Ultralight Series Katadyn Water Filters
  • Micropur Water Tablets

Katadyn Endurance Series Water Purification Systems

The Endurance Series Katadyn water filters are the most durable water filters available. They offer the highest quality construction and are designed for use in the most extreme conditions. These Katadyn water purification systems can produce up to 100 times more water than standard water filters, making them the ideal choice for long expeditions and extended camping trips, at base camps, and for professional use. These heavy-duty Katadyn water filters can filter even cloudy water with a high filter capacity.

Katadyn Backcountry Series Water Purification Systems

Backcountry Series Katadyn water purification systems are lightweight water filters that are ideal for backpacking, camping, and trekking. These Katadyn water purifiers are durable, compact, and reliable. They make an excellent choice for many types of outdoor activities and can be used to filter water for one or two people.

Katadyn Ultralight Series Water Purification Systems

The Ultralight series of Katadyn water purification systems includes the most lightweight and compact water filters on the market. These are ideal for ultralight backpacking and can also be used for any outdoor activities, weekend trips, travel, and everyday applications. These Katadyn water filters work best when used to filter clear water to remove bacteria or protozoa and to improve water taste.

Katadyn Micropur Chemical Water Treatment

The Katadyn Micropur water treatment products are chemical water treatment systems and additives that can disinfect clear water to destroy harmful viruses, bacteria, and cysts. These can be used anytime water purification is needed at home or in the outdoors. When used after water filtration, these chemical water treatment tablets ensure maximum water purification.