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Buy Your Next Gunvault Safe from Eagle Camping

The issue of gun safety has prompted many owners to buy safes/vaults where guns can be stowed away securely after use. The objective is to prevent children or intruders from accessing the firearms unauthorized. Eagle Camping offers a vast selection of Gunvault products to address the unique needs of gun owners. These top-quality safes deliver the security you need and give you peace of mind knowing that your firearms are away from the sight and reach of people other than you.

A Closer Look at the Advantages of a Gunvault Safe

A Gunvault is essentially a safe that stores and locks away a firearm such as a handgun or rifle. It houses the firearm comfortably to prevent damages while also preventing its unauthorized access and use. The locking mechanism used to secure a gun within a Gunvault safe is one of the most secure and tamperproof systems available. Therefore, when securing your handgun or rifle in a Gunvault safe, you can rest assured that it will be secure and protected.

Choose from Our Vast Gunvault Safe Catalog

The main types of Gunvault safes available include standard, biometric, digital, and deluxe:

  • Standard Gunvault Safe: The standard type is equipped with minimal features and comes with a number lock. The secret number code set by you allows or denies access to the contents of the vault.
  • Biometric Gunvault Safe: A biometric Gunvault promises high-level security as it works on the principle of fingerprint recognition. Manufacturers have realized that gun owners may want their firearms to be accessible to more than one set of fingerprints as a contingency measure during emergency situations. Biometric Gunvaults allow you to register multiple fingerprint authorizations, yet only authorized fingerprints can unlock the Gunvault. This greatly enhances the safety factor, and makes biometric Gunvaults an excellent choice if you have kids at home.
  • Digital Gunvault Safe: A digital Gunvault comes with a digital number lock. The locking numbers must be digitally entered. The Gunvault will open only if the correct locking numbers are punched.
  • Deluxe Gunvault Safe: Gun owners seeking more security or practical features can opt for a Deluxe Gunvault. It comes with useful features like tamper alerts, a longer battery life, and interior light.

The size of the safe is another factor to take into consideration as well. Gunvault safes come in several sizes. The smallest is the Nano vault, and the size progressively increases to include the micro, mini, and multi vaults.

You can also choose a Gunvault based on your intended use or application. For example, the SpeedVault and TacVault are two excellent options you can consider if you have special requirements. The SpeedVault is designed to be easy and quick to use, which is helpful in emergencies. The TacVault is small and mountable. You can easily mount it on the wall of your bedroom, study, or basement. Its small size also makes it conveniently portable.

Place Your Order for a Quality Gunvault Safe Today

Eagle Camping is a leading online seller of camping gear at affordable prices. We sell only quality equipment from trusted manufacturers, delivering good value for your money. When you buy a Gunvault safe from our site, you can rest assured that the product will deliver the performance expected, and your security concerns will be effectively addressed.

Browse our collection and take the time to peruse the features of all the Gunvault safes on our site to determine which option is best for you. Buy comparing the features against your requirements and budget, you can make an informed decision.