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Keep Your Guns Safe with A Biometric Gun Safe

There is no doubt about the fact that guns are deadly and you must keep them safe and secure at all times. While traditional safes and vaults, offer some protection, a biometric gun safe uses the latest technology in gun safety. When it comes to gun safes, Eagle Camping stocks some of the best products from some of the most reputed biometric gun safe manufacturers in the industry.

Biometric technology, once used only in high security vaults and for identification in highly secretive organizations, is now available even on home gun safes. 100% reliable and accurate, a biometric gun safe checks fingerprints to prevent unauthorized access. You can rest assured that only you, the owner of the gun safe whose fingerprint is stored in the biometric scanner, will be able to open your biometric gun safe. Most importantly, our biometric gun safes are extremely sturdy while being lightweight and portable, which means that you can carry and secure them anywhere.

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Why You Need a Biometric Gun Safe

Sure you can buy a conventional safe to store your firearms, but if you are looking for something more secure, a biometric gun safe is just what you need. Here are a few reasons to purchase a biometric gun safe today:

  • They provide the highest degree of security and protection for your firearm
  • Fingerprints are completely unique, which ensures that no one other than the owner can open the safe
  • You do not have to remember lock combinations or passwords
  • You do not have to carry a key to open a biometric gun safe so you also need not worry about losing the key
  • A biometric gun safe is almost 100% accurate and reliable

We at Eagle Camping source the best biometric gun safes so that you can find one that is perfect for your unique needs. Whether you are looking to secure your gun at home or during travel, a biometric gun safe from Eagle Camping is sturdy, durable, and cutting-edge.

Our Large Biometric Gun Safe Collection

As a leading hunting and shooting store, we sell a wide variety of gun safes from many manufacturers. Therefore, you can be sure that you will find a biometric gun safe to suit all your needs from our vast collection. Popular models include:

  • Barska Biometric Safe – We stock state-of-the-art gun safes, from Barska, which is widely considered to be a premier manufacturer of biometric gun safes. Depending on your needs, you can buy Standard, Super Mini, Top Open, Portable, and Compact Barska Optics BioMetric safes from our website. Each Barska biometric gun safe is highly advanced, allows you to store numerous fingerprints in the database, and is compact and extremely secure. These safes also have emergency back-up keys and excellent alert systems.
  • GunVault – Another type of biometric gun safes that we sell are those from GunVault – another industry leader. The algorithms used by these compact gun safes are highly advanced and very accurate. The algorithm of a GunVault biometric gun safe is intuitive and self-learning providing your valuables with the best security possible. These gun safes also have tamper-proof, extremely sturdy bodies with excellent alarm systems. We stock GunVault MicroVault, GunVault MicroVault XL, GunVault MiniVault and GunVault MultiVault models.
  • Stack-On Portable Case – Looking for a portable biometric gun safe to carry your firearms while traveling? We have the right product for you. The Portable Case with Biometric Lock by Stack-On is compliant with the California Penal Code Section 12088 and TSA airline regulations on firearms and is an approved firearm safety device. It allows you to store more than 30 fingerprints. Ideal for travel, this safe is sleek, lightweight, and very compact with a sturdy body to match.
  • Stack-On Quick Access Safe – The Quick Access Safe with Biometric Lock from Stack-On allows you to access your stored firearms and valuables quickly without any compromises on security. It can also be mounted easily and is compliant with the California state firearm regulations.
  • Biometric RadioVault-Black – Looking for a cutting edge biometric gun safe that offers even more? Then the Cannon Security Products Biometric RadioVault-Black is the ideal choice. Apart from being a top-notch biometric gun safe, it has an FM radio, LCD screen, and MP3 docking station, making this an ideal piece of equipment to store your valuables in on outdoor excursions and hunting trips.
  • TacVault – The GunVault TacVault Biometric provides tactical security for the home and office. Discreet, sleek, strong, and cutting-edge, it is a perfect safe to store tactical rifles or shotguns.

Contact Us Today to Buy a Biometric Gun Safe

If you are thinking of buying a biometric gun safe or a pistol gun case, check out our complete selection of gun safes and gun safe accessories. With many models to choose from, you will be sure to find the product that fits your budget and needs.